Missing All Upper or Lower Teeth

What are the Options for Patients Missing All Upper or Lower Teeth?

Sometimes accidents, trauma, or other events can cause someone to lose all of their upper or lower teeth. Patients missing all upper or lower teeth face a more involved tooth replacement situation. Thankfully, there are a number of options designed to help individuals who have lost all of their upper or lower teeth. For those missing all of their lower teeth, these options include:

Bar Attachment Denture

A bar attachment denture is a tooth replacement option that involves placing 4-6 implants into the lower jaw. After these implants have healed, they are connected to each other with a support bar that supports an overdenture designed to grasp the support bar. This option is more stable than ball attachment dentures, but is still removable.

Ball Attachment Denture

Ball attachment dentures are a tooth replacement option that involves placing two implants into the lower jaw. A denture is then made by a dentistry lab that fits over these implants. Ball attachment dentures are more stable and do a better job of protecting your jaw than no denture, but can still be lose and must be removed for cleaning.

Screw Retained Denture

As opposed to the previous two options, a screw retained denture is a permanent denture designed to replace all of the bottom teeth. Five or more implants are placed into the lower jaw, and a permanent denture is attached. It can only be removed by an oral health professional. Screw retained dentures do not come into contact with gum tissue, so the gums can still be cleaned without removing the denture.

Individual Implants

The last option is also a permanent solution that cannot be removed without an oral health specialist. This option requires as many as eight implants, as well as individual abutments for each tooth. This option has the most natural look because each tooth seems to be coming out of your gums. Individual implants are also cleaned like natural teeth, which some patients find easier.

The options for replacing all of the upper teeth are similar:

  • Implant Retained Upper Denture: Removable denture supported by implants in the upper jaw.
  • Individual Upper Implants: eight implants are placed in the upper jaw and individual abutments, caps and crowns are added to give your teeth a natural look.

What is the Best Option for Patients Missing All Upper or Lower Teeth?

If you are missing all of your upper or lower teeth, it is important to talk to a qualified oral health professional to determine the best option for your situation. Dr. Kathleen A. Stambaugh is a periodontal and implantology specialist in Burlington, WA. Her practice specializes in the treatment of gum disease including cosmetic procedures to aesthetically enhance your smile, and replace missing teeth using dental implant technology. She also diagnoses and treats oral pathology.

With over 55 years of research and practice, Pericowest Periodontics provides cutting edge implant and periodontal disease services and treatments. Kathleen A. Stambaugh’s office is nestled in the city of Burlington, surrounded by farm fields and foothills, providing a calm and serene place of practice that is reflected in the patients’ treatment experience.